Vinylsammlung A- Z
Vinylsammlung A- Z

J.B. BandIhn7"-Vinyl-Single
J.T. & The Big FamilyMoments In Soul7"-Vinyl-Single
Jack 'N' ChillThe Jack That House Built7"-Vinyl-Single
JackalThe Year Of The Tiger7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacketti, Roberto & The ScootersI Save The Day7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacketti, Roberto & The ScootersMake Me Cry7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacketti, Roberto & The ScootersMake Me Smile7"-Vinyl-Single
JackpotDance, Dance, Dance7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacks, TerryIf You Go Away7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacks, TerryIf You Go Away (Oldies Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacks, TerryIn den Gärten der Zeit7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacks, TerrySeasons In The Sun7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacks, TerrySeasons In The Sun (Oldies Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson Five, TheABC7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson Five, TheI Found That Girl7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson Five, TheI Want You Back7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson Five, TheI'll Be There7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson Five, TheThe Love You Save7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, ChuckHear The Drummer (Get Wicked)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Dee D.Automatic Lover7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Dee D.Fireball7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Dee D.Meteor Man7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, FreddieHe'll Never Love You (Like I Do)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, FreddieRock Me Tonight (For Old Time's Sake)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, FreddieRock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, FreddieYou Are My Lady7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetBlack Cat7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetControl7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetEscapade7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetLet's Wait Awhile7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetLet's Wait Awhile (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetLove Will Never Do (Without You)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetMiss You Much7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetNasty7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetRhythm Nation7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetThe Pleasure Principle7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetWhat Have You Done For Me Lately7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetWhat Have You Done For Me Lately (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JanetWhen I Think Of You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Janet & Vandross, LutherThe Best Things In Life Are Free7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineDo What You Do7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineDo What You Do (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineDynamite7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineI Think It's Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineLet Me Tickle Your Fancy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineLet's Get Serious7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JermaineSweetest Sweetest7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Jermaine & Zadora, PiaWhen The Rain Begins To Fall7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeIs She Really Going Out With Him7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeIs She Really Going Out With Him (A Cappella Version)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeIs She Really Going Out With Him (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeNine Teen Forever7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeReal Men7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JoeSteppin' Out7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, JudyShake A Belly7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, La ToyaIf You Feel The Funk7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelAnother Part Of Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelBad7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelBeat It7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelBillie Jean7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelBillie Jean (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelBlack Or White7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelDirty Diana7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelDon't Stop 'Til You Get Enough7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelFarewell My Summer Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelGirl You're So Together7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelGive In To Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelGone Too Soon7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelHeal The World7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelHuman Nature7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelI Just Can't Stop Loving You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelIn The Closet7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelJam7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelLeave Me Alone7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelLiberian Girl7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelMan In The Mirror7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelOff The Wall7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelP.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelRemember The Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelRock With You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelShe's Out Of My Life7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelSmooth Criminal7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelThe Way You Make Me Feel7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelThriller7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelWanna Be Starting Something7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelWanna Be Starting Something (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelWho Is It7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MichaelWill You Be There7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Michael & McCartney, PaulThe Girl Is Mine7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Michael & The Jackson 5I Want You Back (Remix)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, MickBlame It On The Boogie7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, Root & Jackson, JennyLean On Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, StonewallWaterloo7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, StonewallWaterloo (Stereo) (siehe Johnny Horton)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jackson, WandaSanto Domingo7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons & Jagger, MickState Of Shock7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheBlame It On The Boogie7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheBlame It On The Boogie (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheCan You Feel It7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheCan You Feel It (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheEnjoy Yourself7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheLovely One7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheNothin (That Compares To You)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheShake Your Body7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheShow You The Way To Go7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheTorture7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheWalk Right Now7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacksons, TheWalk Right Now (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
JackyWhite Horses (siehe Vicky Leandros) (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacob, GeschwisterSo ist ein Boy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jacob-Sisters, DieYes Sir, I Can Boogie7"-Vinyl-Single
JadeDon't Walk Away7"-Vinyl-Single
JadeI Wanna Love You7"-Vinyl-Single
JadeOne Woman7"-Vinyl-Single
Jade, WolfgangBesucht mich mal auf meinem Baum7"-Vinyl-Single
Jade, WolfgangSpiel mir kein Liebeslied7"-Vinyl-Single
Jagger, MickJust Another Night7"-Vinyl-Single
Jagger, MickLet's Work7"-Vinyl-Single
Jagger, MickLucky In Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jakob, UrselBlue Moon7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam TronikAnother Day In Paradise7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheBeat Surrender7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheGoing Underground7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheJust Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, ThePrecious7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheThe Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheThe Modern World7"-Vinyl-Single
Jam, TheTown Called Malice7"-Vinyl-Single
JamesBorn Of Frustration7"-Vinyl-Single
JamesHow Was It For You7"-Vinyl-Single
JamesSit Down7"-Vinyl-Single
James Boys, TheKeep Moving7"-Vinyl-Single
James Boys, TheOver And Over7"-Vinyl-Single
James Boys, TheUp Until Now7"-Vinyl-Single
James Boys, TheWake Up Little Suzie7"-Vinyl-Single
James Brothers, DieAuf Wiederseh'n und laß dir's gut ergehen7"-Vinyl-Single
James Brothers, DieDie jungen Jahre7"-Vinyl-Single
James Brothers, DieGenau wie du (siehe Peter Kraus)7"-Vinyl-Single
James Brothers, DieWenn du heute ausgehst7"-Vinyl-Single
James, FreddieGet Up And Boogie7"-Vinyl-Single
James, HaloCould Have Told You So7"-Vinyl-Single
James, HarryTrumpet Blues nd Catabile7"-Vinyl-Single
James, Jacky (Kallmann)Take My Heart7"-Vinyl-Single
James, Jimmy & The VagabondsNow Is The Time7"-Vinyl-Single
James, JohnPainted Dreams7"-Vinyl-Single
James, JoniHave You Heard7"-Vinyl-Single
James, JoniYou Are My Love7"-Vinyl-Single
James, RickGlow7"-Vinyl-Single
James, RickSeventeen7"-Vinyl-Single
James, RickSuper Freak (Part 1)7"-Vinyl-Single
James, RickYou And I7"-Vinyl-Single
James, SonnyMy Stolen Love7"-Vinyl-Single
James, SonnyThe Cat Came Back7"-Vinyl-Single
James, TommyAdrienne7"-Vinyl-Single
James, TommyHanky Panky7"-Vinyl-Single
James, TommyThree Times In Love7"-Vinyl-Single
James, Tommy & The ShondellsHanky Panky7"-Vinyl-Single
James, Tommy & The ShondellsMony Mony7"-Vinyl-Single
Jan & DeanSurf City7"-Vinyl-Single
Jan & KjeldBanjo Boy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jan & KjeldViele bunte Lichter (siehe Little Wölfi)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jan & KjeldZwei kleine Italiener7"-Vinyl-Single
Jankowski, HorstA Walk In The Black Forest7"-Vinyl-Single
Jankowski, HorstA Walk In The Black Forest (Stereo)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jankowski, HorstA Walk In Thr Black Forest7"-Vinyl-Single
Jansen, ChristianWer im Sommer friert...7"-Vinyl-Single
Janson, Horst & Lundi, MonikaWir wollen es haben7"-Vinyl-Single
Janson, IngolfLover Man, so hast du mich genannt7"-Vinyl-Single
Janus, SamanthaA Message To Your Heart7"-Vinyl-Single
JapanLife In Tokyo7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelEquinoxe Equinoxe7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelLes Chants Magnetiques7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelOxygene (Part 4)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelOxygene (Part 4) (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelOxygene II7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, Jean-MichelOxygene IV7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarre, MauriceSchiwago-Melodie (Lara's Theme)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarreau, AlBoogie Down7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarreau, AlMoonlightning7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarreau, AlRoof Garden7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarreau, AlWe're In This Love Together7"-Vinyl-Single
Jarvis, MarionA Penny For Your Thoughts7"-Vinyl-Single
JasminDer Puppenspieler von Mexico7"-Vinyl-Single
Jay & JeremyNun gehst du Hand in Hand7"-Vinyl-Single
Jay & The AmericansCara Mia7"-Vinyl-Single
Jay & The AmericansCome A Little Bit Closer7"-Vinyl-Single
JeffersonThe Colour Of My Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jefferson, HiltonIdaho/Danny Boy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jeffreys, GarlandHail Hail Rock 'n' Roll7"-Vinyl-Single
Jeffreys, GarlandMatador7"-Vinyl-Single
JellybeanJust A Mirage7"-Vinyl-Single
JellybeanSidewalk Talk7"-Vinyl-Single
JellybeanThe Real Thing7"-Vinyl-Single
JellybeanWho Found Who7"-Vinyl-Single
JellybeanWho Found Who (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jensen, KrisTorture (Stereo)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jeremy Days, TheBrand New Toy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jerkins, JoeDer Kommissar7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, Jack637847"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, JackBlue Brown-Eyed Lady7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, JackShe Was Dynamite7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, JackSri Lanka… My Sri Lanka7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, MelDreh dich um und sag goodbye7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, MelDu bist nicht mehr frei7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, MelIch sitze zwischen zwei Stühlen7"-Vinyl-Single
Jersey, MelSpiel nicht das Lied7"-Vinyl-Single
JessicaZu hoch gespielt7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus JonesInternational Bright Young Thing7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus JonesReal Real Real7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus JonesRight Here, Right Now7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus JonesWho? Where? Why?7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus Loves YouBow Down Mister7"-Vinyl-Single
Jesus Loves YouGenerations Of Love7"-Vinyl-Single
JetsCross My Broken Heart7"-Vinyl-Single
JetsLove Makes The World Go Round7"-Vinyl-Single
JetsRocket 2 U7"-Vinyl-Single
JetsYes Tonight Josephine7"-Vinyl-Single
JetsYou Got It All7"-Vinyl-Single
Jets, TheCrush On You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, JoanDirty Deeds7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, JoanDo You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsCrimson And Clover7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsI Hate Myself For Loving You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsI Love Rock 'N' Roll7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsLight Of Day7"-Vinyl-Single
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsYou Don't Know What You've Got7"-Vinyl-Single
JigsawIf I Have To Go Away7"-Vinyl-Single
JigsawLove Fire7"-Vinyl-Single
JigsawSky High7"-Vinyl-Single
JigsawSky High (Re-Mix)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jimmy The HooverTantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersCan Can Can You Party7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersHot Summer Salsa7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersLet's Party7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersLet's Swing Again7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersOver To You John7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersSwing The Mood7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersThat Sounds Good To Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersThat's What I Like7"-Vinyl-Single
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersThe Crazy Party Mixes7"-Vinyl-Single
Jo Jo GunneRun Run Run7"-Vinyl-Single
Joans, John PaulThe Man From Nazareth7"-Vinyl-Single
JoBoxersJealous Love7"-Vinyl-Single
JoBoxersJohnny Friendly7"-Vinyl-Single
JoBoxersJust Got Lucky7"-Vinyl-Single
Joce & The Kazoo BandKazoo Kazoo7"-Vinyl-Single
JodeciCry For You7"-Vinyl-Single
JodeciForever My Lady7"-Vinyl-Single
JodeciI'm Still Waiting7"-Vinyl-Single
Joe & EddieTake My Hand/Remember Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Joe & JennyIsland Of Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Joe PublicLive And Learn7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyA Matter Of Trust7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyAll About Soul7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyAll For Leyna7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyAll Shook Up7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyAllentown7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyAn Innocent Man7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyBig Shot7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyDon't Ask Me Why7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyGoodnight Saigon7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyHonesty7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyIt's Still Rock 'N' Roll To Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyJust The Way You Are7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyKeeping The Faith7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyLeave A Tender Moment Alone7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyLeningrad7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyModern Woman7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyMy Life7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyPressure7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillySay Goodbye To Hollywood7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillySometimes It's A Fantasy7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyTell Her About It7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyThe Longest Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyThis Is The Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyUptown Girl7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyWe Didn't Start The Fire7"-Vinyl-Single
Joel, BillyYou're Only Human (Second Wind)7"-Vinyl-Single
John, BibiNiemals7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonA Word In Spanish7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonBite Your Lip (siehe Kiki Dee)7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonBlue Eyes7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonCandle In The Wind 887"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonClub At The End Of The Street7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonCry To Heaven7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonDaniel7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonHealing Hands7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonHeartache All Over The World7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonI Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonI'm Still Standing7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonIsland Girl7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonKiss The Bride7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonLittle Jeanie7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonMama Can't Buy You Love7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonNikita7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonNobody Wins7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonPassengers7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonPhiladelphia Freedom7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonReturn To Paradise7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonSacrifice7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonSad Songs (Say So Much)7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonSong For Guy/Return To Paradise7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonStep Into Christmas7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonThe Last Song7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonThe One7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonWho Wears These Shoes7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonWho Wears These Shoes?7"-Vinyl-Single
John, EltonWrap Her Up7"-Vinyl-Single
John, Elton & BandPhiladelphia Freedom7"-Vinyl-Single
John, Elton & Band feat. Lennon, JohnI Saw Her Standing There (siehe Philadelphia Freedom)7"-Vinyl-Single
John, Elton & Dee, KikiDon't Go Breaking My Heart7"-Vinyl-Single
John, Elton & Jackson, MillieAct Of War7"-Vinyl-Single
John, RobertHushabye7"-Vinyl-Single
John, RobertSad Eyes7"-Vinyl-Single
John, RobertThe Lion Sleeps Tonight7"-Vinyl-Single
John, RobertThe Lion Sleeps Tonight (siehe: Blues Image)7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny & The HurricanesJa-Da7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny & The HurricanesRed River Rock7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny & The HurricanesReveille Rock7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny Hates JazzDon't Say It's Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny Hates JazzHeart Of Gold7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny Hates JazzI Don't Want To Be A Hero7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny Hates JazzShattered Dreams7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnny Hates JazzTurn Back The Clock7"-Vinyl-Single
Johns, BibiWie leicht das passiert7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnsen, MikeDancing Party7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnsen, MikeSo darfst du nicht geh'n7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnsen, MikeUnd nur der Mond schaut zu7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, CareyReal Fashion Reggae Style7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, DonHeartbeat7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, DonTell It Like It Is7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, HollyAmericanos7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, HollyAtomic City7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, HollyLove Train7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, JesseCrazay7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, Johnny(Blame It) On The Pony Express7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, KevinRock 'n' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Live) (siehe: John Miles)7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, MichaelBluer Than Blue7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, PaulBurnin'7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnson, Teddy & Carr, PearlSing Little Birdie7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnston Brothers, TheJoin In And Sing Again7"-Vinyl-Single
Johnston, SabrinaPeace7"-Vinyl-Single
Joker, RollyHugo7"-Vinyl-Single
Joker, RollyIck hab' verpennt7"-Vinyl-Single
Joker, RollyOh Manfred7"-Vinyl-Single
JokersSan Francisco Symphonie7"-Vinyl-Single
Joli, FranceCome To Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Joling, GerardCorazón7"-Vinyl-Single
Joling, GerardLove Is In Your Eyes7"-Vinyl-Single
Joling, GerardNo More Bolero's7"-Vinyl-Single
Joling, GerardTicket To The Tropics7"-Vinyl-Single
Jon & VangelisI Hear You Now7"-Vinyl-Single
Jon & VangelisI'll Find My Way Home7"-Vinyl-Single
Jon & VangelisI'll Find My Way Home (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, BarbaraJust When I Needed You Most7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, Catherine ZetaFor All Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, EttaDon't Go To Strangers7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceDo Or Die7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceI've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceLa Vie En Rose7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceLove Is The Drug7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceNipple To The Bottle7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceNipple To The Bottle (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GracePull Up To The Bumper7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceSlave To The Rhythm7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceThe Apple Streching7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, GraceThe Apple Streching (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardEverlasting Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardHide & Seek7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardHide And Seek (UK-Single)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardLife In One Day7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardLike To Get To Know You Well7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardLook Mama7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardNew Song7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardNo One Is To Blame7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardPearl In The Shell7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardThe Prisoner7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardThings Can Only Get Better7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardWhat Is Love?7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, HowardYou Know I Love You ... Don't You?7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JackLollipops And Roses7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JackNow I Know7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JackWives And Lovers7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JimmyGood Timin'7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JoeCalifornia Sun7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, JoeYou Talk Too Much7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, Oran 'Juice'The Rain7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, PaulHigh Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, QuincyAi No Corrida7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, QuincyI'll Be Good To You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, QuincyRazzamatazz7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, QuincyStuff Like That7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, RonnieRock Your Baby7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, RonnieYour Kiss Is Sweet7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, Spike & His City SlickersMy Two Front Teeth (All I Want For Christmas)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, Spike & His City SlickersRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TamikoLet It Flow7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomA Boy From Nowhere7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomA Minute Of Your Time7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomCan't Stop Loving You7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomDaughter Of Darkness7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomDelilah7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomI (Who Have Nothing)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomI'll Never Fall In Love Again7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomI'm Coming Home7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomPuppet Man7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomSay You'll Stay Until Tomorrow7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomShe's A Lady7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomThe Mexican Puppeteer7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, TomWithout Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jones, ZeonSpin Me Around7"-Vinyl-Single
Jonzun CrewPack Jam7"-Vinyl-Single
Jools, FerryTelefon aus Paris7"-Vinyl-Single
Joplin, JanisMe & Bobby McGee7"-Vinyl-Single
Jordan, JeremyThe Right Kind Of Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jordan, JeremyWannagirl7"-Vinyl-Single
JordyDur Dur D'etre Bebe!7"-Vinyl-Single
JoséI Will Follow Him7"-Vinyl-Single
JoséSecret Love7"-Vinyl-Single
JoséTime Goes By7"-Vinyl-Single
Jose e Los ReyesLailola No ablas mas7"-Vinyl-Single
Joseph, DavidYou Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)7"-Vinyl-Single
Joseph, MartynWorking Mother7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyBe Good To Yourself7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyDon't Stop Believin'7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyGirl Can't Help It7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyLovin', Touchin', Squeezin'7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyOnly The Young7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyOpen Arms7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneySeparate Ways (Worlds Apart)7"-Vinyl-Single
JourneyWho's Crying Now7"-Vinyl-Single
JovanottiGimme Five7"-Vinyl-Single
JovanottiLibera l'anima7"-Vinyl-Single
JoyTouch By Touch7"-Vinyl-Single
JoyceTry Me7"-Vinyl-Single
Joyce, SydneQueen Of The Silver Screen7"-Vinyl-Single
Judge DreadHello Baby7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgen, Der wildeA-A-A-A-Anneliese7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgen, Der wildeTanzstunde7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, AndreaJapanese Boy7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, Curd60 Jahre - und kein bißchen weise/Wenn (If)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, Curd60 Jahre und kein bißchen weise7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, CurdBlacky Jones7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, CurdKalter Kaffee7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, Udo5 Minuten vor 127"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoAlles im Griff (Auf dem sinkenden Schiff)7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoAlles im Griff (auf dem sinkenden Schiff)/Paris - einfach nur so zum Spaß7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoDeine Einsamkeit7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoDie Glotze7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoDreh dich, deh dich, Karussell/Erde, kleine Erde/Der kleine Pepe Sanchesz/Soviel Sprachen hat die Welt7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoEin Lied für alle die, die einsam sind7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoGaby wartet im Park7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoGriechischer Wein7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoIch bin wieder da7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoIch sah nur sie7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoIch weiß, was ich will7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoImmer wieder geht die Sonne auf7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoJenny7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoKiss Me Quick7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoLeave A Little Love7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoMathilda7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoMorgen bist du nicht mehr allein7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoParis - einfach nus so zum Spaß7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoRot blüht der Mohn7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoSag mir wie7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoSchreib' mir keinen Brief7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoSiebzehn Jahr, Blondes Haar7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoThe Music Played7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoVergiß die Liebe nicht7"-Vinyl-Single
Jürgens, UdoWas ich dir sagen will7"-Vinyl-Single
Juhnke, HaraldMr. Brown Madison7"-Vinyl-Single
Julia & CompanyBreakin' Down (Sugar Samba)7"-Vinyl-Single
JulianStraight To My Heart7"-Vinyl-Single
JulieI'm Not Lisa7"-Vinyl-Single
JulieSie hieß Lisa7"-Vinyl-Single
Jump 'N The SaddleThe Curly Shuffle7"-Vinyl-Single
Jungle BrothersWhat 'U Waitin' For7"-Vinyl-Single
JuniorMama Used To Say7"-Vinyl-Single
JuniorToo Late7"-Vinyl-Single
Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, TheIt's Grim Up North7"-Vinyl-Single
Juvet, PatrickGot A Feeling7"-Vinyl-Single
Juvet, PatrickI Love America7"-Vinyl-Single

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